Find out which Canadian olympic athletes to watch Vancouver 2010

The Own the Podium initiative, orchestrated in 2005, appears to be paying off and the following athletes will help Canada attain the goal of leading the medal count in 2010.

Top 10 Canadian Olympians To Watch - Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010

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Valentine's Day for Your Teacher

Each day your smile becomes my morning star.
I look at you and then my feelings shine.
From you I learn far more than words or numbers:
You're the book that someday will be mine.

You're the one whose love my love of learning
Will one day trace in its ancestral line.
For all the ways you help me grow towards beauty,
I ask you please to be my Valentine.

Make it Valentine's Day Everyday

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Olympic Alpine Skiing - Event Guide - Tickets - Venue - Schedule

Five thousand years on, it is one of the most popular pastimes in the world.

Alpine skiing has four different disciplines - downhill, super-G, giant slalom, slalom.

The downhill is for speed freaks, and the slalom for master turners.


More info can be found HERE

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If You Find Yourself on a UFO

Discreetly pocket some small object (food pill,
bar of soap, chunk of antimatter from the propulsion system)
as a memento.
Your grandchildren may someday ask you: “Gramp, is it
true you once rode in a flying saucer?”
You can nod slowly; show them this memento; gaze wistfully
into the sky; and murmur: “Yeah, I rode one. And
you know what? If they came back tonight…I’d do it

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Painted Cats ~ Splendid Pictures

I laughed so hard when I saw these painted cats that my own cat stalked outside in disgust. These painted cat images are brilliant, as no animal can make a face as fed up and outraged as a cat.

I suspect some of these were done with a computer, but I also think that some are real. They do it to dogs, so I guess it is feasible. I also suspect they are real as most of the cats featured are purebreds, which tend to be ridiculously friendly and the type that would put up with being painted.

If it is fake, or if it is real, I don’t care—they still are brilliant.

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Glittery 7.5" Wedges for Valentine's Day

These red glitter heart-heeled shoes are just a little Valentine’s Day fun. Walking in the incredibly high 7.5” heel would unquestionably be a challenge, but think of the impact you would make in them. Heads would definitely be turning your way. I wonder if one could even stand, let alone dance in them with the way they are rounded at the front.

The heart wedge shoes are comprised of leather and wood and made in the USA by Karo’s shoes, a leading manufacturer of “sexy fashion footwear.”

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Enjoy the best athletes in the world

House Plants that Twitter - Really

When your plant needs water, it will post to let you know, and send its thanks when you show it love.

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Latest Vancouver 2010 Video

Anti-stress face-ball

H.Concept is flipping the boring world of stress balls on its head with their Anti-Stress Face-Ball. This stress ball changes faces as you squeeze it. This may not sound like much, but does your stress ball change faces?

Didn’t think so. Experience a range of emotions with the Anti-Stress Face-Ball. Designed by Makiko Yoshida, this stress ball has a range of emotions you can squeeze out of it. Go from happy to grumpy without any medication required. This is a smart idea to improve an already existing product. Brilliant!

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Winter Olympics Pins - Vancouver 2010 Pin - Mascot Pins

4. Product Details

2010 Winter Olympics Mascot Family Collectible Pin

. Product Details

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Mascots Pacific Coliseum Official Vancouver 2010 Pin

. Product Details

2010 Winter Olympics 5 Rings Collectible Pin

  Product Details

2010 Winter Olympics Silhouette Snowboarding Collectible Pin

. Product Details

2010 Winter Olympics Green Hockey Silhouette Collectible Pin

. Product Details

Vancouver 2010 Olympics Quatchi Canada Hockey Place Official Vancouver 2010 Pin

More pins can be found HERE

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ipad Maxi and ipad Mini

Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 - The Complete Guide

While on a UFO

The Space People will probably give you a tour of
the ship. While being led about, note the location of any
recreational or snack facilities. You’ll want to make full use
of these during your stay.
And observe closely the propulsion system and other
advanced technology—for the benefit of the scientists who,
upon your return to Earth, will be lining up to question

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Edible Garden Men

The Medical Herbman Cafe Project (MHCP) was created by Japanese landscape designers ‘Earthscape’ and involved planting medicinal and fragrant herbs in the shape of humongous man. Another interesting thing about this garden is that the herbs planted in certain places of the body actually benefit that anatomical body part. But, wait—there’s more. Aside from being a creative garden, it also doubles as a cafe, kitchen and craft space.

In every new location Earthscape plants the Herbman garden, it sells herbal drinks and foods from their recycled shipping container cafe. This amazing project is also used to construct playgrounds for schools in developing countries. My garden was never able to do that.

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Edible Nuptial Gown

The Cake Wedding Dress is an edible wedding gown made by designer Lukka Sigurdardottir. The gigantic, checkered cake adorns the bride as she walks down the aisle and serves as a tasty treat for guests at the reception.

Definitely a very unique and kind of bizarre idea, the Cake Wedding Dress has to weigh a ton and would probably cause quite the mess, but it does make for an unforgettable novelty piece. If the guests eat all the cake, will the bride be left naked?

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Ride a UFO - The Return

Upon your return to Earth, take on a space name
and start a new life. Change your name to something like
Orlon or Xantar or Fromilex.
Friends may go on calling you Jim or Lisa. That’s okay—
so long as it’s understood that you’ve undergone a transformation.
That you’ve grown into a new, cosmically-conscious

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Lady Gaga at Grammy's

Living up to her iconic eccentricities, Lady Gaga’s 2010 Grammy Fashion were true to the over-the-top, quirky brand she’s built for herself (just look at those shoes!).

At the Grammy Awards, she donned a few outfits, all by Giorgio Armani prive, kicking off with a galactic number on the red carpet reminiscent of the space-age looks she’s channeled at past performances and in music videos.

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Complete Schedule of Events for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics