A ride in a UFO

A ride in a UFO is a once-in-a-lifetime event. For some,
it is an unnerving event—a misfortune to be endured, then
mercifully forgotten. For others, it is the opportunity of a
Your experience can be good, bad, or indifferent—
depending on your attitude. You can decide from the start
that this is the worst thing that has ever happened to you
—and it probably will be. Or you can decide that good fortune
has sought you out. The choice is yours.
Look, you’re aboard a flying saucer. So why not calm
down and accept that? And once you’ve done so, go a step
further. Resolve to make the most of the situation—to
derive every possible benefit from it.

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They Turned on the LIghts Last Night - Vancouver 2010

The Squidoo iPad Giveaway

Just sign up for Squidoo HERE
Then email me at
jeffryvance@gmail.com and I will mentor you

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Equation: The Difference Between Girls and Guys

15 Things You Never Noticed on a Dollar

Can you find any tiny owls or spiders hidden on the front of the bill?

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For My Vegetarian Daughter - LOL

Baby Mute Button - LOL

Personalized Pacifiers Mute Button - White

Anyone who’s had a baby or been around one for a while knows that silence is not a baby’s strong suit. The Mute Button pacifier seeks to help with that, at least a little bit. The clever pacifier has ‘Mute Button’ printed on it. Pacifiers are great for, well, pacifying little people, and they’re a great way to keep them quiet for a little while.

The Mute Button pacifier is only $6, a very reasonable price considering the value of a little peace and quiet.

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William Henry Fox Talbot - Inventor of the negative-positive technique

While thus at leisure, he experimented with a camera obscura to capture "fairy pictures, creations of a moment and destined as rapidly to fade away" It was during these travels that the thought occurred to him "how charming it would be if it were possible to cause these natural images to imprint themselves durably, and remain fixed upon the paper! And why should it not be possible? I asked myself."

More info HERE

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Cool,Free Stuff to do in Vancouver During 2010 Olympics

Milk Packaging - Literally

Milk Packaging by designers Julien De Repentigny and Gabriel Lefebvre offer a unique take on the design of milk cartons by having the package formed like as an alphabetical representation of the product itself.

You do not have to wonder if this is milk or juice, one look at the cartoon spells it out for you.

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Eco-Friendly Olympic Medals

The 2010 Olympic Medals designed by Canadian artists Corrine Hunt and Omer Arbel will be made of precious metals reclaimed from old electronics. The salvaged gold, silver, and bronze that would otherwise end up in landfills will instead hang around the proud necks of Vancouver’s Olympians.

It would take more than 17 tons of gold ore to net the same amount of gold reclaimed from the circuit boards of a single junk PC. Using precious junk metal in the Olympics may further the cause of recycling scrap electronics.

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RCMP will have floating home for 2010 security

Vancouver has come up with an Olympic solution for housing close to 5,000 RCMP (Canadian cops) for the 2010 Winter Games. For the duration of the Olympic events, the police officers will be offered accommodation aboard two luxury liners offshore to allow security personnel to be closer to the action. Housing space in the city is sparse, so making use of the open area on the water is an innovative, albeit expensive, solution. The temporary lodging will cost the city $37.5 million, but Vancouver considers their proximity worth it.

“In fact, it’s more economical than staying a hotel,” Cpl. Gursharn Bernier of the Winter Games’ Integrated Security Unit said.

That and it keeps hotels free for the approximate 250,000 anticipated visitors.

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The Universe House, conceived by Gabriel Orozco, has a swimming pool on the roof which is perfect for star searching during a late night swim.

Just the fact that you can go for a dip on top of your home, nominates the Universe House to be the best place to live this die of the Milky Way.

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Puppy Bowl to CUTE

When Elina Brotherus Isn't Photographing Lakes, She's Photographing Men in Tutus

You know Elina Brotherus is a talented photographer, because she’s been able to add an element of art to photographs of men in tutus. That is no small task. Among the photographers other work are many, many photos of lakes.

This comes as no surprise considering that Brotherus is based in Helsinki, but it still makes for an intriguing portfolio. If men in tutus aren’t your things, you’ll definitely dig the lake stuff.

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Winter Olympics Vancouver 2010 - The Complete Guide


So you are having a dinner party, and you don’t know what to serve as your starter. You have a lot of different options, but one to keep in mind (and an open mind at that) is serving one of these pre-cooked edible tarantulas.

Oven-baked, and never fried, the edible tarantulas became commonplace during the tyrannical reighn of the Khmer Rouge, and now is one of Cambodia’s national delicacies. They are shipped to your house, ready to eat, and complete with instructions on how to consume them.

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Learn More About Olympic Figure Skating

Event Guide - Figure skating (singles)  

Ice skating is the sport that brings glitz and glamour to the Winter Olympics.

The high-speed steps, spins and jumps make for some spectacular action.

And the wait for the marks to be announced after a routine only heightens the drama.

You can found out more HERE

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About Olympic Biathlon and Cross-country Skiing

The biathlon involves cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. There are eight categories - men's and women's sprint, pursuit, individual and relay.

Competitors can ski in any style but must not only complete the distance (from 7.5km to 20km) but also hit five targets with five bullets.

For each target missed in the sprint, pursuit and relay events, athletes ski a lap around a 150-metre penalty loop.

You can fine more info HERE

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Emotion-Sensing Flowers

This interactive wedding bouquet could put and end to the age old question that has been posed to men throughout the history of holy matrimony - Does she have cold feet? The Biometric bouquet is just about the best modern innovation for marriage ceremonies since monogamy went mainstream.

The ingenious and interactive Biometric Bouquet was invented by the same people who made the ‘critical corset’ (a corset that tightens when the wearer’s heart rate goes up). It consists of white and blue emotion sensing LEDs that light up in unison with the bride’s mood.

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Robo Cafe: robot waiters make a restaurant a one-man operation

Either Robo Cafe is a great idea or a sign of the waiter and busboy apocalypse. Robo Cafe is basically a design for a robot run restaurant or diner.

Robots at the Robo Cafe would take and relay orders to the kitchen, serve patrons, and keep tips for greedy managers. Robo Cafe is a unique idea in terms of cutting costs. And these robots look darn cute with their ability to take orders verbally or via a touch screen on their tummies.

Check out the gallery for snaps of the robo-waiters in action as well as designs of what a Robo Cafe would look like. I’ll always be hungry and as long as my robo-waiter isn’t snarky and doesn’t drop stuff I’m decently okay with this idea.

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CHETTA Around the Europe

London-based photographer Ondra Chotovinsky captured the essence of the Norway land perfectly in these breathtaking shots. Chotoyinsky specializes in landscape photography and experiments with different lighting effects to bring out unusual and beautiful photos. His images of land, city and sea are spectacular.

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Ice bulb

An Ice Bulb is basically a ball of ice with a LED light in it, but the effect itself looks pretty intrigueing.

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Imagery Layer for Haiti Earthquake has been released | Google Earth Blog

The best way to understand the devastation is to compare before and after images by switching the Haitian layer on and off.

Download imagery HERE

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Learn About Paris - France

The words 'culture,' 'art' and 'fashion' correctly reflect the way of living in Paris; you can witness it in the streets, in the buildings, in the luxury boutiques along the 'Champs Elysées' even by just watching the local people strolling down the avenues. You may also choose to amble through the narrow streets of the Latin Quarter or sit at a 'bistro' or 'café' near the 'Sacré Coeur' in Monte Matre and watch the artists at work while sipping a 'café crème,' savoring the cheery and musical atmosphere that permeates from this lively city.

Paris, the European Capital of Modern Luxury and Magnificent Historical Treasures
Learn more HERE

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Cool Ads

Rarely do you drive down the highway and give a billboard or bus ad a second glance, but every once in a while you see an innovative piece of interactive advertising that stops you dead in your tracks. Whether you’re simply marveling at their ingenuity or furrowing your brow trying to figure out how they work, these brilliant pieces of consumer propaganda have incorporated all of the elements and resources in the environment surrounding them to create an all-encompassing piece of advertising that you’re sure never to forget. I just hope this interactive advertising doesn’t become too mainstay, otherwise I’ll likely end up walking into a wall thinking it’s an ad for real estate.

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Starbucks Gets a Makeover

I am not going to hate on Starbucks too much here, they have paid my bills for a few years, and still do. But we could all see trouble a brewing, and to face the problems head on, ‘Coffee and Tea’ was devised.

This is the re-branding, and relaunching of the chain. An attempt to not look so yuppie-ish to the urban artist, and to be a little bit more country to the rural folk. With rustic hardword floors, the mysterious removal of the eponymous green siren, Coffee and Tea still promises to deliver your obnoxious latte that has a temperature requirement.

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The Lensmaster Lounge / Something that is a concern - I'd like to discuss this

Hmm - well, for something like the recent LOTD picks, it's great that they're focussing on RM lenses. Perhaps next week we could have lenses that are NOT in RM? (Because honestly, the rest of the year it's not like the RM lenses can't be LOTD, but they have to compete on their own merits rather than being singled out).

That's the one that grates with me the most - there's a lot of support and community here on Squidoo, and I never really dared join into the newbie groups and the going for Giant group, so I probably wouldn't join the RM one either (or equivalent) even if I could. But that's up to me. The theme, I don't mind, because it's just another option, and we have a lot of great ones - it's not DIS-advantaging anyone else. But now, missing out on LOTD? (well, in theory!) It's a bit bitter, sitting on the sidelines (and the thing is, the lenses that keep appearing? They're great - and I KNOW them all, which is mostly because they're good, and partly because the lensmaster is active and involved - and I'm wondering what's so 'Rocketmum' about them, why couldn't they be featured the rest of the year? Are they just not considered quite good enough to compete on their on merits? Why can't we show the normal lenses as well, to show the people who've been managing without Rocketmum? )

And also, what next will they get? Because the concessions and awards are getting larger, hence the escalating issues.  The problem is, groups GETTING things - promotion, recognition, help - is great, I sit there and think 'wonderful! that's really nice,  they earned that, it helps them, now we... wait, we? Oh well, just because I'm not involved doesn't mean,... wait. I can't be. And other people can't be either. And it's not even based on whether I'm interested or a good lensmaster, or because they can only have so many people. It's because I don't choose to lie and present myself as a mother with children (which incidentally, may be an oversimplification, but one wonders if there's anyone who does).

It's like all the 'US-only' features you see on the net, which while rankling, are understandable due to taxes and laws, but still exclude. and have a noticeable effect of 'oh, blah, I can't join that, why should I care? HEY? They're getting MORE?' And, as some of you know, quite apart from not having kids (or wanting them - heck, I'm still in uni! And sort of lacking in certain requirements such as a partner XD ) I don't want to ally myself with something so blatantly gender-orientated. My problems, yes. But lots of other people have similar issues - and there is no recognition of that. Going on about how wonderful RM's is and rewarding it as a group acts as an implication that we should join it. And we CAN'T. So yes, it is very exclusive. And giving things that then removes the chance of anyone else getting them disadvantages the rest of us, and yes, is unfair.

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Largest Published book in the world - Awesome and Available on Amazon

The gigantic book BHUTAN is a breathtaking photographic adventure across the legendary last Himalayan kingdom. Teams from MIT and Friendly Planet took over 60,000 photographs on four extensive expeditions. Portraits of people are life-size or bigger. Panoramas convey the staggering sweep of the Great Himalayan Range and the awesome and unique ancient architecture. Tantric Buddhist dancers, clad in a rainbow of sparkling brocade silks, almost seem to be leaping off the page. According to Guinness World Records, at over five by seven feet (and 133 pounds), this beautiful photographic book is the largest published book in the world–about one of the world’s smallest countries.

More info HERE

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The Most Useless Machine EVER!

If you’re into DIY projects for the fun of it, ‘The Most Useless Machine Ever’ by SaskView has to be on your list. This box is, well, a wooden box with a lever. When the lever is pushed, a wooden arm comes out to push the lever to the ‘off’ position. That’s it.

Check out the Instructables to make your own box, and see the video above to watch ‘The Most Useless Machine Ever’ by SaskView in action.

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Super Stylish Cell Cases

The minds behind Uncommon cases have compiled some of the greatest contemporary art and made it available for protective mobile cases. The art, which comes from featured artists as well as Uncommon community members, ranges from modern to anime to graffiti to surreal (and everything in between).

Uncommon cases can even be designed by you, which is a great DIY business idea. If the imaginative styles aren’t individual enough for you, then you can make a mobile case individualized to you.

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Olympic Curling - Vancouver 2010: Official 2010 Videocast About Curling

Flowing Pixels

Who says video games and reality can’t mix? These clever street artist took an ordinary pipe on a plain concrete sidewalk and transformed it into a triple-take work of urban art. What starts as a two dimensional pixel stream quickly breaks the barriers and becomes a 3D work of street sculpture.

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Green your world from the inside out and upside down

http://www.boskke.com/planter-animation.flv"},"playlist":[{"url":"http://www.boskke.com/planter-animation.flv"}]}" />

To call this ingenious plant potting idea a clever contemporary design would be an understatement. The simple inversion of typical round planter is space-saving, sure, and sustainable to be certain (since it saves water
) – but best of all: yes, your plants will hang in a pot suspended upside down from the ceiling (or even quite literally off the wall)

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How Do You Want Your Coffee?

How do you take your coffee? This mug may not be too useful for any particular individual but would certainly be handy for having guests. They can simply twist the metal rings to show what they want and leave them in place for refills.

These would of course also be ideal for commercial applications – save a barista time and headache trying to remember who ordered what and how they wanted it.

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There goes the TV - Funny Wii Vid

COSMIC MOTORS - The Pilots - Future Cars

Daniel Simon is an internationally established former Bugatti and Lamborghini designer who has worked on futuristic vehicle concepts. Simon wrote a sci-fi 176 page book called Cosmic Motors where he engages the readers in a futuristic escapade of visionary and fantastic vehicles in a world many centuries in the future. Cosmic Motors contains text in English and German and was also released in Japanese by publisher Born Digital.

P.S- Check out the female pilot ‘droids. This is irrefutable and undeniable proof that sex will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the year 8965.

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She's electric!

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Mine are to do more yoga, practice the banjo, and to write about more smoking hot women with tattoos. At least I can kick one resolution off with the Nina Kate photoshoot.

This feisty young lass poses with neon light bulbs and religious icons all while wearing a latex bikini and having blue hair.tattoo.

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Happy Candy Corn - The Artrage Gallery

As well as being extremely useful for creating natural media elements and complete paintings, this is a fun tool and a great buy for any digital artist.'

Less than $30 on Amazon

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Amazing Video - Symphony of Science - Life

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Pink Glove Dance

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Flash Player 10.1 on Google's Nexus One Phone

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, Mow the Lawn - Funny Commercial

Save water have NO lawn

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Polaroid snaps up Lady Gaga

If you hadn’t seen any images of superstar lady Gaga before, you could easily mistake her for a dystopian fembot. Nonetheless Lady Gaga is the current queen of style. Holding two albums and five hit singles, a seemingly endless wardrobe, an uber-popular site (Haus of Gaga) and a comic deal, it looks like Lady Gaga is just warming up.

In addition to her ‘Monster’ branded eyewear, bodysuits, and headgear, Lady Gaga is now the proud new Creative Director at Minnesota-based Polaroid.

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New Ferrari 599 GTO Supercar

Fasten your seat belts and get ready to drool because Ferrari is about to unleash a red tempest: the Ferrari GTO Supercar. With an asphalt grinding 700 horsepower 6.0-liter V12, the 599 GTO Supercar can accomplish speeds of up to 217 miles per hour.

The Ferrari 599 GTO is essentially a street legal Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, but with greater enhancements, it’s the only limited edition production vehicle worthy of sporting the GTO badge in over 25 years.

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The Help - Amazing Book

A treasure of a book
Available on Amazon

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James Hopkins — Balanced Works

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Desktop Manufacturing A Reality Now - 3d Printer

At $5,000 Desktop Factory’s 3D printer isn’t going to be on everybody’s desktop anytime real soon but until recently 3D printers cost several times that amount. All of us can remember when flat screen TVs were a luxury item, so it won’t be that all long before the early adopters among us are printing out D&D figurines.

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Getting Started Knitting Socks -The Easy Way

24" Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles Set 14 Assorted Sizes

Amazon Price: $28.00 (as of 01/06/2010)Buy Now

For sale is 14 prs of 24" bamboo knitting needles with various sizes: US 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,10.5, 11, 13 and 15. The overall length is from needle point to point; the length of needle is 5 3/8" each; the flexible plastic tubing is 13 1/4". These needles are exclusively distributed by "Oriental Touch LLC" at Amazon under the brand name of "Stanwood". They are the best we have ever made. They are first sanded super smooth using the finest sanding paper. Then they are lightly hand rubbed with a thin layer of wax to improve the smoothness. While feeling super smooth, one can still sense the texture of bamboo. That makes them very different than lacquered needles. Needle points are uniformly shaped as shown in the picture. Their smoothness, stiffness, and overall qualtiy can meet or beat any world class brands. We use 3 different size flexible plastic tubings for different size needles so they can move through yarns smoothly. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Unsatisfied customers will be offered full refund including shipping and handling.

From cast-on stitches to binding off, this handbook details the simple steps needed to turn seemingly complicated sock knitting projects into easy and enjoyable activities.

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Interactive Night Lights - Adult Playground

What do you get when YesYesNo teams up with The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas? You get a sweet interactive playground where party goers can get their freak on via light projection.

The recent projected light show called ‘Night Lights’ in Auckland let users participate in various modes of interaction. The result is a pretty cool and totally interactive light party. Take a peak at the video to see for yourself.

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The Coolest Gadget EVER - Really I want One

The Parrot AR.Drone is an iPhone or iPod Touch controlled helicopter that connects via Wi-Fi and uses your iPhone's accelerometer and touchscreen as controls. The helicopter boasts a camera so that you can see what's going on through your iPhone or iPod Touch's display.

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Neat Coffee Cup Sleeve

Most of us have learned the hard way that a coffee sleeve is an absolute must when drinking a hot cup of joe out of a paper cup. The coffee sleeve has become one of the greatest accessories for caffeine addicts, but Frank Xing has made it a little better with the Air Shield Coffee Cup Sleeve.

The Air Shield Coffee Cup Sleeve reacts to your steaming hot cup and the little flower petals expand to protect your fingers from the hot liquid.

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The Very Funny Happy Cows Videos

The Very Funny Happy Cows Videos Seen HERE

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Floating Gem Necklaces

If you want to wear jewels without the chains, Sparkle Beast Designs has a solution with her floating gem necklaces. Her bejeweled bib necklaces have all the glitz and pizazz of jewelery fit for royalty, but without heavy chains of gold or silver weighing it down… and without the hefty price tag. The colorful faux rhinestones rest on nude-toned netting, and the necklace ties at the back with organza ribbon.

Take a look at the gallery for a few of the floating gem necklaces Sparkle Beast Designs makes. Starting at just $24.99, they’re affordable for any modern day princess.

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Google Image Swirl

Google Image Swirl starts with a basic image query, then visually matches similar image based on that query. For example, a search for Melbourne clusters day time city shots, night time city shots, and more.

Users then pick the cluster they want, and the images are represented visually is what Google calls a “swirl.” Think circles with other circles and lines (see image above.) Users can then drill down on a new level of clusters that more closely reflect similarities in images until they eventually find the image they are after.

According to Google, “Image Swirl currently works for more than 200,000 queries and we plan to include more queries in the future. Available queries will auto-complete as you start to type in the search box, similar to Google Suggest.”

I’m not particularly fond of visual representations such as what Google is offering here, and plenty have tried similar interfaces in the past and failed miserably. However in actual use, Google Image Swirl is rather nifty. It does make finding the right image easier, be it when you’re after a specific shot or angle vs a simple generic image that you’d find in half the time in Google Image Search.

You can give Google Image Swirl a go at image-swirl.googlelabs.com

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Something You'll Regret later

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These MacSlaps laptop decals let you show off your nerdy side in a retro-modern way. The LEGO, Pac-Man and Mario MacSlaps designs will channel your childhood, but the way each MacSlaps design incorporates the illuminated laptop logo is anything but old.

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Bathtub for a glamorous soak in a large mosaic shoe

Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca is the brain behind this creation. It is covered with precious glass mosaic in a style that stands out from the rest of the traditional geometric shapes. Shaped like an elegant pump shoe with a skyscraper heel, it allows for a perfect soak. It costs "just" $17,000.

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Cool Staircase

"We created a 'secret' staircase, hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights. Limited by space, we melded the idea of a staircase with our client's desire for a library to form a 'library staircase' in which English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books. With a skylight above lighting the staircase, it becomes the perfect place to stop and browse a tome."

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Big Bendy E-Touchscreens

Wouldn’t it be great if your Nook or Kindle were bigger and had a touchscreen like your iPhone? Well, The Skiff Reader will provide you with a big, bendy e-touchscreen to fulfill your newspaper or book needs while at the same time making you the envy of all your ebook compatriots. I know how eager you must be, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to pick up the sweet, one of a kind, little Skiff Reader from Sprint until the end of the year.

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An Excellent Book about National PARKS!

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My Mother's Seat To Watch Olympic Curling

j/king Mom

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Stop Motion Spaghetti Cooking - Funny Video

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The Lawnchair

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Artist's tacky tribute to fashion house Burberry

Burberry, which is over 150 year old, is a favourite with fashion-forward celebrities including Alexa Chung and Agyness Deyn.

It became famous for its raincoats after the label was commissioned by the War Office to adapt its officer's coat to suit the conditions of contemporary warfare. After the war, the garment became popular with civilians.

The company's signature print, the Haymarket check, became ubiquitous in the Nineties among football hooligans and the new chav generation.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1229181/Checking-Artists-tacky-tribute-fashion-house-Burberry.html#ixzz0bhi7GJRg

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Gillian Jacobs Augmented Reality

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Hotel of Doom - Ryugyong Hotel

The ‘Hotel of Doom’ is an iconic, desolate ghost building nestled in the hear of North Korea. Actually called the Ryugyong Hotel, the building is affectionately known as the ‘Hotel of Doom’ because it has never been occupied.

The 105 story pyramid, which dominates the skyline, was never actually completed. After the collapse of the the Soviet Union, the project lost its funding. There has been no construction since 1992

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Photo booth of Doom

Science World lured folks shopping in Vancouver B.C. into a free photo booth, ‘The Photo Booth of Doom,’ as part of a promotional stunt by ad firm, Rethink Communications.

Rather than simply snapping a shot at the end of the photo booth countdown, an image of a frightened woman flashed on the photo booth screen, startling the photographic subjects.

They did receive photos, images of their frightened faces on a sheet that read, “A photo of a scared person is enough to spread fear. We can explain.”

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When Paint Just Ain't Good Enough

I am pretty convinced these are among the geekiest cars you will ever see.

Car one in the gallery is fully covered with keyboard keys. Love the detail with the hood keys depicting a pixelated Homer Simpson. There is brilliant attention to geek detail.

Car covered with floppy disks and compact flash cards. Car is covered with Lego pieces.

These cars unquestionably geeky, but are they also stylish? You decide

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McDonald's New 2 cent burger

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16 Goats In A Tree


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Husband Hunting Bra

Japanese lingerie maker Triumph is trying to raise awareness of Japan’s failing marriage rate, with its ‘husband-hunting bra.‘ The unattractive garment is shown in the photos by the attractive lingerie model, Hiromi Nishiuchi.

This bizarre underwear features a timer between the cups representing the wearer’s biological clock. It is set to count down to the deadline set for marriage. Once the woman finds her mate and receives an engagement ring, she inserts the ring into the slot above the clock. The countdown stops and a wedding march tune begins.

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Confidence-Building Diet

The ‘I Can Do This’ diet book by Dr. Don Colbert was published on January 1, 2010, and aims to take a positive approach to weight loss. Rather than allow dieters to feel defeated by their new lifestyle, Dr. Colbert’s book helps empower individuals by discussing ways to beat roadblocks like hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance and inflammation.

Dr. Colbert’s ‘I Can Do This’ diet book is one of Google’s most-searched topics this morning, indicating the buzz behind this faith-based diet book.

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Rough Cut Diamond Rings

Most women will swoon over a perfectly cut solitaire or princess diamond ring, but the R¿ng by Sruli Recht is rough, uncut but still glamourously beautiful.

R¿ng comes with three interchangeable diamond stones in different colours to fit any mood or occassion that can be used by simply screwing the stones on and off the white gold band.

There is something very avant-garde about this piece that makes it mysterious yet delicate.

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Wrong Placement


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Please Lower Me

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Goats in Trees 2010 Wall Calendar

  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • ASIN: B00279Q3NU
  • Average Customer Review: No customer reviews yet. Be the first.
  • Amazon.com Sales Rank: #12,641 in Office Products (See Bestsellers in Office Products)
  • Date first available at Amazon.com: April 22, 2009

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Is This The Real Home Of Flintstones ?

This stone house looks amazingly similar to The Flintstones'. In spite of its unusual look, given by the huge spherical boulder on the uphill side and scoop-shaped end, it is like most contemporary homes on the inside. It has a front door, some windows, a roof. This house is located in Nas Montanhas de Fafe in Portugal .

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These motivational ‘So Very Happy’ posters by Minnesota-based Etsy artisan dazeychic make me giggle. Printed in a fun, upper-case font are the words “Today I will be happier than a bird with a French fry,” and they’re accompanied by an adorable little bird about to pounce on a wayward fry.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Award–winning choreographer Nanine Linning and designer Marcel Wanders present an innovative concept in which a Dancing Angel is hanging upside down for 20 minutes from a Chandelier. The dancer offers little spoons of chocolate mousse and flutes of champagne to the crowd beneath her.

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Video Game Inspired Food

I am pretty sure everyone as a kid tried to sneak away from the dinner table to go play video games or would wolf down their veggies as fast as they could so they could get back to the latest level of Goldeneye. It seems some people have been inspired enough to bring the game to the table, as seen in the pictures above from SlashGamer, where some creative individuals have crafted some tasty snacks and veggie platters in the style of their virtual heroes, from the old-school (Kirby!) to the contemporary.

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