Sleep in a Dog

You’ll be in the doghouse if you choose to stay at the Dog Bark Park Inn at Cottonwood, Idaho. That’s because the accommodations are inside of a giant beagle structure named Sweet Willie. Dogs are welcome, of course, for a small fee, so long as their well-trained humans are guests.

The owners of the Dog Bark Park, Dennis and Frances, are also chainsaw artists who carve canine sculptures and put them for sale in their gift shop and online. The gift shop is full of dog-related items.

The Dog Bark Park is filled with sculptures: whimsical dogs, fire hydrants, a huge toaster, a coffee pot, and a man being pestered by a dog while sitting at a picnic table.

The Dog Bark Park Inn promises guests a howling good time, but it’s not all a dog’s world after all. Humans who choose a stay and learn vacation can learn to bake bread, make soap, write a grant, cook in a Dutch oven, or develop their photographic eye.

Posted via web from Thoughts and Things