Romses architects: harvest green project, Vancouver

Romses Architects created absolutely amazing concept for a vertical farm in Vancouver. The Harvest Green Tower is an ultra modern approach to farming. Imagine growing fruits and vegetables on the rooftop, moving a floor down to a boutique dairy farm to get organic food. This project ensures there is enough space for transit lines, entertainment, renewable energy and much more, all in one space!

The Harvest Tower will feature a farm with chickens and fish, rainwater collectors to help water plants and hydrate the animals, a livestock grazing plain, bird habitat, boutique sheep and goat dairy facility, grocery store, farmer’s market, restaurant, living units, educational center and a seed lab.

It’s ideal to have an ultra organic skyscraper in the middle of the city! Plus the renewable energy will be produced from rooftop mounted wind turbines and heat pumps.

It look to me that the City of Vancouver is on its way to being one of the best eco-friendly places to live in

Posted via web from Thoughts and Things