What a Giant Squid is REALLY!

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Mom is Santa!

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Mark Jenkins Street Installations

These artistic white duck sculptures are actually made out of tape. Even more impressive is the giraffe reaching up to grab a plastic bag out of tree in urban Washington. The tape dogs digging through piles of garbage are incredible too, as is the oversize phone made of tape. My personal favourite is the child appearing to pull down the sign at a bus stop.

The artist, Mark Jenkins, creates unique designs like these out of his D.C. studio. All of his works are extremely eclectic and are often showcased on the street, like the tape sculptures shown in the gallery. Other non-tape street installations include colorful horses that appear to be made of paper mache, socks and shoes on an upside down shopping cart appear as if they are actually being worn in L.A., and in another Washington installation, a manne

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The Three Bears's Trailer

The South African Grand Daddy Hotel project, located in the center of Cape Town, features seven customized Airstream trailers, which local artists have embellished with several design themes. The latest four-star accommodation is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” and was created by Mark and Joe Stead, among others. Carrying the much-loved fairy tale theme through, all the way down to the custom made furniture and porridge bowls, complete with ransom note, the space is certainly a great escape and most likely a fantasy come true for some. Check out the video to see it in all it’s glory!

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Bathroom - Toilet Art Gallery

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Sleep in a Dog

You’ll be in the doghouse if you choose to stay at the Dog Bark Park Inn at Cottonwood, Idaho. That’s because the accommodations are inside of a giant beagle structure named Sweet Willie. Dogs are welcome, of course, for a small fee, so long as their well-trained humans are guests.

The owners of the Dog Bark Park, Dennis and Frances, are also chainsaw artists who carve canine sculptures and put them for sale in their gift shop and online. The gift shop is full of dog-related items.

The Dog Bark Park is filled with sculptures: whimsical dogs, fire hydrants, a huge toaster, a coffee pot, and a man being pestered by a dog while sitting at a picnic table.

The Dog Bark Park Inn promises guests a howling good time, but it’s not all a dog’s world after all. Humans who choose a stay and learn vacation can learn to bake bread, make soap, write a grant, cook in a Dutch oven, or develop their photographic eye.

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Fanged Bunny by GashlyCrumbTentacles

Craftastrophe was kind enough to showcase Etsy seller GashlyCrumbTentacles, whose horror-fied plush animals are ready to haunt your dreams. They don’t just have vampire teddy bears: There’s vampirous frogs, too, and even unidentifiable animals that are still scary.

There’s a warning on the page that says that vampire teddy bears are not intended for children. Frankly, if anyone thought of kids when they saw these, they need professional help.

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Coffee for two (handpresso)

Espresso snob? If so, then you’re likely very apprehensive to stop for a Tim Horton’s on the road. You may even skip that caffeine fix altogether if you know you can’t get a good brew. Thanks to a fancy new gadget for the nomadic espresso connoisseur, you may never have to find yourself in this dilemma again.

I bring you the Handpresso Wild, a portable espresso maker for the perfect Americano anywhere. It also happens to have a hilarious TV commercial which you’ll find above.

The clear pod on a black stick comes complete with a pressure pump and gauge to ensure that perfect cup with immaculate crema. And don’t worry about electricity; all you need is hot water, our Handpresso and the convenient little pods that come in a wide variety of flavors!

It’s eco-friendly, too. “You drink coffee outside or inside and you save energy by not leaving your machine in standby mode. You use Handpresso made to last from selected environmentally-friendly materials and parts

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Take A Photo A Day to End Women's Cancer starting Jan 1 2010


Is anyone interested in joining me on take "A Photo A Day to End Women's Cancer" starting Jan 1 2010?

A marathon has been my dream.  Photography has been my dream.

Why don't I combine the two of them to fit my physical and financial limitations?

I would like to take a new photograph every day for the entire year of 2010.  Just pictures of everyday life for 2010. Like a picture diary.
Due to various health issues I have to deal with every day the physical challenge will be in 'taking photographs everyday" while at the same time it is within what I should be able to do if I push the envelope a little.
My digital camera makes it possible for me to to take on this project because the only cost will be a few batteries.

You can join me on this Photo a Day by going to RedGage where I will be posting my pictures Starting date is Jan 1, 2010..  It is free to join.  RedGage to an easy place to share your photographs plus they pay you for your content.  If you would like to join me on this marathon - sign up and leave a message on my wall.

Most marathons are run for a charity.  So I would like this marathon to have the same purpose.  My charity will be "A Photo A Day to End Women's Cancer"  If you donate from the Photo A Day to End Women's Cancer group - On the donation page please type in from Photo a Day

My daughter-inlaw fought the long battle of breast cancer this past year and happily is a survivor.  She has registered to run in the Weekend to End All Women's Cancer August 2010.  You can donate directly to The Weekend to End Women's Cancer
Debra's team is called Bucks for Busts.



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Uranium Ore For Sale On Amazon

I bought this to power a home-made submarine that I use to look for prehistoric-era life forms in land-locked lakes around my home town in Alaska. At first I wasn't sure if this item would (or could) arrive via mail, but I was glad to see it showed up with no problems. Well, almost no problems.

Unfortuantly my mom opened my mail, because she does not respect people's privacy. She was pretty upset to see Uranium Ore. After a long argument and me running away from home again, she finaly stopped being such an idiot and I was able to get back to work.

The quality of this Uranium is on par with the stuff I was bying from the Libyans over at the mall parking lot, but at half the price! I just hope the seller does not run out, because I have many projects on my list including a night vision sasquatch radar, an electromagnetic chupakabra cage, a high velocity, aerial, weighted Mothman net and super heated, instant grill cheese sandwhich maker.

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Forbidden Lego: Build the Models Your Parents Warned You Against!

So what makes these projects "forbidden"? There are certain rules that have to be followed in order for a LEGO model to be allowed to be marketed as a kit. Some of these rules would be:

Never launch a non-approved object into the air.
Never launch a non-approved object into the air with great force.
Never alter any LEGO part.
Never connect two moters to run together.
Never double the approved voltage.

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Hidden Litter Litter Box

This faux, hollow planter is the perfect disguise for kitty’s toilet! If you hate the way ordinary litter boxes look, the HLHF2 Hidden Cat Litter Box could be a great solution. Point the entrance at a wall, and guests will simply think it’s a real clay pot!

No matter how beautiful or cuddly little Tigger is, there is nothing appealing, or even mildly cute, about a stinky crate of dusty sand with big clumps in it, regardless of how often you scoop it out. You could be a compulsive sifter, but even the chicest living space loses appeal when a a littler box is visibly present.

The odor shouldn’t give it away either; the Tuscan hand-finished box comes with a filtered ventilation system that will even keep dust under control.

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Tim's Challenge


The Marine Catcher lobster game is awesome. It works like any other ‘grab a prize’ machine except you get a live animal. Curiously, you don’t get anything with your lobster so you are left holding it in your bare hands.

If you do win, you can ask the arcade manager for a bag.

Perhaps the game’s creators didn’t really think the concept through, which is probably why it is so brilliant.

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Rattlesnake Pint Glass

Have you ever encountered a person that has no problem taking a swig of your drink when your back is turned? The Rattlesnake Pint Glass may help deter those individuals.

Ok, so it won’t actually bite anyone, as it is in no way a live snake, but it does look pretty bad ass, and the glass itself holds 12 oz. of your favorite beverage. I would say that with the Rattlesnake pint glass, your drink is in good hands, er, scales.

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Suites Virtual Tour - Hotel on Wheels

This mobile hotel suite is a 615 square foot hotel / hospitality suite on wheels. It is designed to provide state of the art mobile hotel accommodations to a wide range of industries.

Each mobile hotel suite is custom designed for its intended use. The Maui Custom Suites can be used as a Single Mobile Hotel Suite with full kitchen, bath, laundry and living space for long-term, remote stays, as a Traveling Hospitality Suite with amenities including full lounge, game room and bar, or as a Sleeper Hotel unit that can sleep and house up to 12 individuals.
A traveling, on-site attendant is standard and will provide a variety mobile hotel suite functions such as general housekeeping, running errands, catering meals, and much more!

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Tattoo in Japan

I’m a fan of a good book and a good tattoo, and Tattoo in Japan is just that. This book showcases the best that Japanese tattoo artists have to offer, ranging from traditional Japanese tattoos to tattoos with more modern inspirations and influences.

Tattoo in Japan is divided up into four chapters with each chapter representing a different geographical region. The book is also filled with essays that explain the history of tattoo art. This is really cool because it combines two things I love, reading and tattoos, into one awesome package. So, if you agree, raise your reading glasses with me and check out Tattoo in Japan.

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Slideshow - Gravity Defying Homes | PointClickHome

It’s really hard for me to believe that the second house from the top clockwise is not a Photoshop product. The house, which is located in the Ukraine, is being supported by a single cantilever. That is it. The first house meanwhile, is located in Russia according to likecool.com, and it belonged to a gangster who could not see his home finished before he was thrown in the slammer. Reportedly, that is world’s tallest wooden house, standing 144 feet (thirteen floors) into thin air.

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Brazil in Hot Pants: Climate Change and Evolution - The Amazônia

It is a pity really that the exposition does not show a projection of the future human being. Probably because humans will have cooked themselves extinct…

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Tiny Piglets - Teacup Pigs

New breeds of pint-sized pigs are in demand as the latest trendy pet. These endearing creatures are specially bred for cuddling and indoor living—they are small enough to keep in a house or apartment.

Only a few breeders around the world have perfected the science of breeding such tiny pigs. One American breeder offers two sizes of mini pigs: Royal Dandies™, which average 29 to 39 lbs.; and the even tinier Dandie Extremes™, which average only 19 to 29 lbs. Breeder Patty Sorensen claims these pigs are not only small and adorable, but intelligent, social and affectionate.

Slightly larger, but still in the miniature category, are the pigs of Pennywell Farm in South Devon, England. At birth, these pigs average 8 oz., and they grow to about one-fifth the size of a standard piglet (about the size of a Springer Spaniel).

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The Stig - Best of

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Haute Timepieces: Richard Mille

A Richard Mille watch is known to be stunning, complex and covetous timepieces. The RM011 DLC Titanium is a limited edition all-purpose timing instrument. This Swiss-made Richard Mille watch is on sale only in North America in celebration of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
Retailers in the US and Canada will receive a one-time-only shipment of 30 RM011 DLC Ti watches, while their European counterparts will have to go without.

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Photosynth: Your photos, automatically in 3D.

In the history of photography, the leap from film to digital was a breakthrough as profound as the move from black-and-white to color. Photosynth is the first photo site that really capitalizes on that shift, with a new way to look at pictures. Instead of arranging photos in a traditional album, the site finds relationships among pictures and digitally composites them to create an immersive 3-D photo environment called a "synth."

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Ultimate Golf Cars For The Super-Rich

Checkout the Hummer

For those golf lovers that also love cars and that may have an extra $14,750 USD, you may can start to see your self driving your fancy golf car in the shape of your favorite real car, which also includes a Sony Explod Sound system, a 12V charger so you never drain your cell phone battery again, or laptop, leather accesories, and if needed you can add it a “Golf balls washer” thinking on that cleaning maniac inside every one of us. Everything inside the Golf Course rather than been on those cheap and useless regular golf cars that everyone uses.

The custom golf car can also be used to be along the neighborhood in short trips. I mean, If you pay so much money for it, at least you deserve to take your dog for a walk in a fancy way.

Class and style, image and status, everything in a custom Golf Car.

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Spare any change? Canadian C$1 million coin

About the size of an extra-large pizza,

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Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation

Until today, sand art meant little more to me than impressive beach sculptures. The intricate and engaging sand animation work of “Ukraine’s Got Talent” winner Kseniya Simonova takes the concept of sand art to an emotive new level.

As she swirls her fingers through the sand before her, Kseniya Simonova’s sprinkles and sweeps tell solemn stories of Germany conquering Ukraine in the second world war. The images morph from calm to conflict and back again, all in sync with the background music.

Move over Susan Boyle, Kseniya Simonova’s breathtakingly exquisite, tear-jerking sand animation has fast become a YouTube phenomenon.

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Dwarfed Punk

There's nothing like a little bit of Disney subversion to start your morning off right, and this "Dwarfed Punk" blend of Daft Punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" and "Snow White" does the trick well.

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Wordless Wednesday

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LinkBunch - Put multiple links into one

LinkBunch lets you put multiple links into one small link which you can share over IM, Twitter, email or even a mobile phone. When the recipient clicks on the tiny LinkBunch link, he/she will be presented with a page that contains all the links that you put in the bunch.

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Watchmen - Two and a Half Watchmen

Wonder what happens when you take a funny, upbeat comedy like Two and a Half Men, and combine it with a movie that was created from a classic comic book series? Check out this video and find out!

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My Home

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What is a good name for male pet corn snake?

What is a good name for male pet corn snake?

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24 Season 8 Official Trailer


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Eyepod by TheHappyAcorn on Etsy

Bet you thought you were going to find some great holiday season deal on an MP3 player, didn’t you? Well, sorry to disappoint, but this would be about the greatest geeky White Elephant party gift you could find. If you’re in need of a joke gift, then cheap iPods—I mean *eyepods* are the way to go.

Fantastic cheap iPods from Etsy seller The Happy Acorn. Besides the eyepod, The Happy Acorn also sells an entire assortment of cute holiday accessories. Forget cheap iPods, these gifts are truly original.

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Santa's Snowglobe - Cute

This cute little Christmas game is called Santa’s Snowglobe. In it, three little elves frolic around singing carols unbeknowst of the chaos which ensues when the user presses one of the four buttons: shake globe, snow storm, reindeer attack and grand finale.

Watch as the trapped little elves are abused in Santa’s Snowglobe and feel a sense of accomplishment when their shrill carols are brought to an end in four different entertaining ways

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Shit Happens Commercial

A new Dutch commercial reminding teens how dangerous it is to play with fireworks is disturbingly comical. There is a vary obvious attempt at making a serious subject funny and I have to say that they did a pretty good job.

The spot involves some young men playing with fireworks. One is severely injured and ends up in the hospital needing facial reconstruction. The surgeon is able to salvage only part of his face and is forced to be creative with the rest.

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simplistic and humorous images

British illustrator Robert Samuel Hanson’s work has shown up in some illustrious publications such as the Monocle, The Economist and The New York Times. His simplistic and humorous images are endearing, artistic and accessible.

Hanson was greatly influenced by his time in Japan and initially worked at an advertising firm. Now based in Berline Robert Samuel Hanson has been working as a freelance illustrator. I love his food illustrations.

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Panda Birthday Party

Just what do you get a panda on its birthday? You could start with maybe a nice bamboo plant, and a gift certificate to a bamboo plant emporium. If you were attending this panda birthday party, you may want to stick with cake.

Evidently panda’s love cake. Who knew!? For Xin Xin’s first birthday a delicious cake was made out of fruit and other panda friendly delicacies. In the other photos you see a couple of the giant marsupials indulging in what appears to be a cake made out of ice. I am still awaiting my invite to next years panda birthday party, The social event of the year.

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Doggles Eyewear

You go out in the sun. You wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. But, how about your dog?
Doggles is the first and only eyewear protection created for dogs. The company has come out with a range of glasses for dogs.
Sunglasses - To protect your dogs who irritated by the harsh sunlight.
Protective glasses - For dogs who love to ride with their owners.
Prescription glasses - If your dog has a problem with his sight, this is your answer.

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Everything Related To Guitars


Gibson Custom

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13 Tips For Single Dames: Pics, Videos, Links, News

When it comes to dating, it is always nice to have someone guide the way and let you know what you are doing wrong, what to do and what not to do.

Thankfully, guides such as the ‘13 Tips for Single Dames’ exist to tell you things not to do, such as pounding back tequila and passing out in a restaurant booth. The images date back to the February 1938 issue of Click Photo-Parade magazine.

Although, even though the ‘13 Tips for Single Dames’ tells you not to, if you happen to be on a bad date, this may just be the solution to ensure that the loser never calls again.

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IWanttobeaBaby.com recently participated in an odd (but effective) advertising campaign that saw blue soother stickers being places atop posters with celebrity and model faces. There were around 5,000 real pacifiers seen hanging from various locations all over New York as well with a little tag with the website’s address on it.

The website itself is quite unusual as it has videos of adults doing child-like things, wearing diapers and sucking on soothers. The point of the site? To brighten your day and make you smile.

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Natürlich Nerz T-Shirt von Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus

Want to make a women’s lib statement, but still want more coverage than a tank top gives? Then this T-shirt is for you.

The white T-shirt has an illustration of some seriously wild, black armpit hair. It’s called the Natürlich Nerz T-Shirt which translates to natural mink T-shirt, their reasoning being that the shirt looks either like Lola has a bit too much testosterone for her own good, or that a furry little animal must be nestled under her arm.

This is hilarious, but I have no idea who would actually wear it!

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'Sherlock Holmes' Trailer - A darker Holmes

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The Superficial - Blake Lively's breasts premiere some movie

Sporting a hot little black lace dress, Blake Lively graced the red carpet of the premiere of Sherlock Homes. The movie premiered in New York and Lively couldn’t pass up a chance to show of those legs of hers with paparazzi around.

Although Blake Lively is not in the upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick, she was definitely one of the hottest starlets in that little black lace dress. Check her out in the gallery above.

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Perfect Pandas » Blog Archive » Panda Bread

Bread can be so boring. Get in touch with your wild side next time you decide to bake a loaf and bake a loaf of cute panda bread! This recipe was originally posted on an Asian website called Taro Taro and later re-posted in english by PerfectPandas.com. How apt.

The website gives detailed instructions and features a step-by-step tutorial on how to make the perfect loaf of panda bread. Mmmm… Pandalicious.

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How To Care For Baby Corn Snakes

www.videojug.com&lcId=37ea1395-49c8-4a6e-8d17-80662563ec2b&adRollGroupId=443006954&ar=16_9" />

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Crazy ‘Urban Forest’ to Tower in China - Real Building

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