Aphids eating your tomato leaves? Got you some scale? Or mealy bugs? How about leaf hoppers? If you have a garden and you slaved and toiled over making that dirt just right, and lovingly dug holes and planted all those little baby plants, you want them safe. Right?

What better way to keep a garden clean of nasty little varmints than nature's own bug eaters: Lady Bugs!! Order by the 1500's and you have plenty for the duration of your garden. Pluck out some from the container just before sundown and place at the bottom of the plants. Because ladybugs don't fly at night, they will crawl upward and stay as long as there is food. They feed on aphids, leaf hoppers, mealy bugs, and scale. As they feed, they lay eggs which will hatch and continue feeding on the bad bugs.

Because lady bugs are a natural killer of bad bugs, you will not want to use insecticide on your garden while you nurture them. A container of 1500 costs just $12.99. It is cheaper than pesticide and

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