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Seth Post In Another Blog

# seth godin | January 24th, 2007 at 5:06 pm

Thanks for the post and the experiment.

First, I want to correct one assumption that’s easy to make but doesn’t match the facts: Squidoo is getting way more than a million visits a month (that’s not an estimate, it’s from Google Analytics) and the biggest chunk is a direct result of google searches.

For example:
dragon tattoo
laptop bags
smartest orgs

The reason it’s so easy to not notice this is that it’s a really big universe. The long tail kicks in sooner or later, though, and the traffic keeps growing (about 50% a month, month on month).

You also commented on the lack of flexibility in the look of pages. Wikipedia has the same ‘problem’. The reason we didn’t build a world similar to blogs is that most of our visitors come once to a page and then quickly leave, following one of the links. When they arrive, they want to see things in a standard format so they can quickly figure out where they want to go. This is the opposite of the experience most sites want.

Finally, I think your decision (early in the post) to discard what we stated the big win here is (to have lots and lots of your fans build lenses about you) gets to the heart of the issue. If this is a long tail play, building just one lens is quick and fun but not a homerun. But a> why not? and b> multiply by 100 and it gets interesting.

The thing we’re most proud of at Squidoo is that more than 40% of our lensmasters give their royalties to charity and that we’ve built a school in Cambodia, funded a scientist doing research on JDRF and supported more than 40 other worthwhile charities. I figure if we can do that at the same time we direct relevant, interested traffic to sites, it’s worth doing.

thanks again for giving it a shot.

Before you make a Lens

Search and see if anyone else has made a Lens on the same topic, if so, you might want to change you topic. ( Or slant it another way)

Try this search using my top lenses
Locost ( I am alone)
Petz ( I am alone )
Area 51 ( Lonely again )
Google Earth ( Looney oops lonely earth LOL)

Top Lensmasters in the Top 100(3 or more)

relache - 12
jeffryv- 5
zuzanna - 5
MrLewisSmile -4
KC - 3
Margaret_Schaut- 3

Under the "M" Mango

It is now live
I am not going to tell you what it is, you will have to find out for yourself. :)


Busy Day At Squidoo

Lots of new modules today

Backcountry.com, Barbecues.com, Beauty.com, Better Homes & Gardens Store, Boaters World, Buy.com, Callaway Golf Pre-Owned & Outlet, Camera World, Candle Bay, Cell Phone Shop, CompUSA, Discovery Channel Store, Dog.com, Football Fanatics, Fossil, Golfsmith, Guitar Trader, HatWorld / Lids, Home Office Solutions, J&R Computer/Music World, Jos. A Bank, KB Toys, Luggage Online, NHL Shop, Office Depot, Overstock.com, PETCO, Panasonic Direct, Paragon Sports, Payless Shoes, Prime Wine, ProSports Memorabilia, Shop at Home TV, ShoppersChoice.com, Shutterfly, Sierra Trading Post, Todofut Soccer, Ultra Diamonds, Vermont Teddy Bear, Wine.com, eBags
A few more in the next couple days

What is a Mango????

Under the M " Mango"

I wonder??? LOL

Interesting Topic On SquidU


Make a Lens That Inspires Curiosity

Humans often find puzzles and even questions irresistible.

Just try to walk by a TV playing a quiz show and not think about the answer to the question you heard walking by. How many times have you watched to the end of a movie you didn't particularly like, just because you had to find out how the story ends? Our legacy brains love curiosity because it usually means more learning.

You clicked on this post because I spelt courousity wrong?? LOL