Try under the P or B in module A-Z list, to find out :)
How is this for an inside scoop.

300 or 3,000

6 lenses per hour
2 hours per day
5 days a week
50 weeks ( Time off for vacation and sick days)
3,000 lenses made in a year

The first lens made would now be a year old without ANY updating, income from a year old lens that has not been updated would be next to nothing.

300 decent to high quality lenses: $1 each per month after a year equals $300 per month (Average)

3,000 minimalist lenses:.10 cents per lens per month equaling (Wait for it LOL ) $300 per month

Personally, I am going the 300 lenses route as it has a better chance of increasing outside Squidoo income, plus building lens that are real and useful is more satisfying

Lenses For Sale

One was sold (Mine LOL)
Info on sold Lens

One more for sale by Marti
Up for sale at time of post

I wonder what the future hold?