Amazon Banner In A Lens

Here are some Amazon categories that do not conflict with what the Amazon module offers.
(Before I forget you can also display ads from other Amazon sites, eg Amazon Canada or UK)

Google Search in a Lens

I decided to try putting a Google search box, that searched both the web and Squidoo, into some lense.
OK. I added some Google Refer buttons, just because.

Why Called "Lens"

CBC a large TV and Radio broadcaster in Canada has a 1 hour show called "the Lens" which showcases a broad range of documentaries, an excellent show.

OK, so what has this got to do with my Lens?

Not sure but I will think up something.


300,000 Hits on My Squidoo Lense So Far

Here is what I have learnt.

  • Most visitors stay less then 40 seconds
  • Less than 50% are from the USA
  • 2% are repeat visitors
  • Only the first two modules are looked at by most visitors
  • People DO click on text ads
  • Spend more time on intro , as this is what shows up on Google
  • Have at least ten Tags
  • Make at least 10 lens and link them together (100 would be better)